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Actor: Jake Miller

Name: Jake Miller 
Gender: Male
Birthday and Age: December 16 1996( 18)
Description: He is best known for his role as Austin in the show Austin and Ally.
Look-A-Like: Ross Lynch
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Actress:Pim Lockheart

Name:Pim Lockheart
Birthday:February 24, 2000
Description:Pim is famous for playing Tina in Huge House a comedy sitcom. The show ended when she was 9. She has a twin, who starred with her in It takes two a movie about twins trying to get their care takers together.
Face Claim:Mary-Kate Olsen
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Actor:Lucas Doller

Name: Lucas Doller
Birthday and Age: November 29, 1996 (17)
Description: Lucas is an actor who has known Mayler since they were in preschool age. He found out that she is going to get some jobs at Wikilodeon, so he figured to give it a shot.
Look-A-Like: Michael Seater
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Actress:Mayler Ransom

I can't believe I'm doing this.

Name:Mayler Ransom
Birthday:December 24, 1996
Description:Mayler is an actress who is known for her role has Georgie peach in the kids television show peaches & pie. She has now joined Wikilodean,
Face Claim:Ashley Leggat
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Actress:Lauren Johnson

Name:Lauren Johnson
Birthday:25.07.1997 (17)
Description:Lauren is a young,talented girl.Since she was a little kid,her dream was to become an actress,and she hopes that it will come true.She loves acting more than everything,but she's also pretty good in writting songs,which is her hobby.
Looks-a-like:Candelaria Molfese
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Actor: Adam D'epliante

Name: Adam D'eplianteGender: MaleBirthday and Age: August 2, 1995 (19)Description: Adam is a male American and British actor. He is French from his mother's side. He has been acting since he was in the early stages of his teenage years.Look-A-Like: Gregg Sulkin
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Singer:Lara Bennett

Name: Lara Bennett
Gender: Female 
Birthday/Age: 15, March 2
Lara is pretty and she knows it, never camera shy and loves to flash a smile at the camera whenever she can. She can be a bit of an airhead and is often much foo giggly, but eventually you get used to it. She is kind and giving, prepared to sing any song presented to her, loving a good challenge. She's glad of company and is a natural at being the centre of attention.
Lara has wanted to sing for five years, but never really plucked up the courage till now. She and her duo partner Luis Argent (to come) have been friends for years but have bonded at a quick rate to be a professional pair.
Look-A-Like: Chrissy Constanza (YouTuber)
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Actor: Carter Freeman

Actor: Carter Dean Freeman
Gender: Male
Birthday and Age: February 6, 1997 (Age 18)
Description: He is an actor, known for his roles outside Wikilodeon
Look-A-Like: Jack Baran (Thatsojack)
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Actress/Singer: Sarah Dunn

Sarah Dunn


July 12, 1995 (19)

Description: she loves to sing. She started sining at the age of four and has loved it ever since.
Look-A-Like: Betty Who
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Actor: Evangeline Miron

Name: Evangeline Francoise Miron
Gender: Female
Birthday and Age: June 16, Age 17
Evangeline is a kind hearted girl - but takes on action and horror roles easily,her characters becoming complex labyrinths of her on fabrications as well as the facts presented to her, enabling her to weave a character-viewer relationship and emotional response through body language and tone of voice. Outside of her career she is a mishmash of complexities from an avid reader to a fashionista, such a confusing blend that it is never possible to fully understand her.
Because of her quirky and different nature she has often been branded as insane by her peers, although she desperately tries to change herself to please everyone, she is finding it hard and it only makes things worse for her socially awkward nature - her secondary school years were spent in the friendzone as a victim of bullying. Being a social butterfly never caught her fancy, she has found herself as a wallflower, which has made it easy for her to change herself, because nobody really knows her.
Evangeline's parents were Lucienne, a French artist who loved painting young girls with flower crowns, and Santiago, a Spanish musician/busker who sang songs to charm the crowd. Growing up in Los Angeles, they weren't that well off as they were estranged from Lucienne's family, who had most of the money. Tia Mason's will hadn't included her youngest daughter Lucienne, who she had practically forsaken ever since Lucienne and Santiago's marriage, having never approved of it.
When Evangeline was three, her younger sister Adria was born, and presently became the favourite as was the psychological expectation. But after a year or so, relationships between Santiago and Lucienne tensed, and Santiago turned to alcohol. After a year or so of that on top of smoking, Lucienne took Adria, her favourite child, and left Evan alone with Santiago.
That was when Evangeline promised herself she would make her father proud of her, and make her mother want to return. When she turned seven, she took part in her first school play, and these roles grew bigger and bigger until, age 10, she landed the leading role. From 11 to 17 she continued acting as if transition had never happened, taking a gap year to be with boyfriend Lukas, who she later dumped for being insensitive.
At 17 she landed a role in a movie, and is now a starlet in the industry.
Look-a-Like - Shailene Woodley
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Actress: Alice Milo

Name:Alice Milo
Gender: Female
Birthday and Age: January 1st 1999
Description: Alice is an actress being on previous shows and movies on other channels, she has a passion for acting.
Look a like: Selena Gomez
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Actress: Jaycee Darden

Name: Jaycee Kade Darden
Gander: Female
Birthday and Age: September 16, 1997 (Age 16)
Description: A new actress who as experience on and off camera
Look-a-like: Kira Kosarin
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Actress/Singer: Layla Dee

Name: Layla Dee
Gender: Female
Birthday and Age: 1990 24 May 12th
Description: She's couragous and fun and loves to dance (in Private). she has always dreamed of being an Actress
Look-A-Like: Dami Im
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Actress/Model: Allison Grace

Name:Allison Grace
Birthday and Age: August 23,1994 (19)
Description: Allison has been acting for a long time. She learned to play guitar and piano when she was 9 years old. Wikilodean asked her to became a actor in there team.
Look-A-Like:Carrie Wampler
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Actress:Kina Sable

Name: Kina Erin Pegg Sable
Gender: Female
Birthday and Age: January 29,1999
Description: Kina is an actress joing Wikilodean and so far she likes it. She just started acting at the age of 9 and gas been in a few movies.
Look-A-Like: Kia Pegg
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Actress/Singer: Annabelle Summers

Name: Annabelle Summers
Gender: Female
Birthday and Age: November 19, 1995
Description: Annabelle has been acting since she was 4 years old. When she was 7, she learned how to play the piano and guitar. At one point when they saw her star in a show for kids Wikilodean called her up and asked her to be part of there group.
Look-A-Like: [Laura Marano] ?
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Actor/Model/Singer:Macy Jingle

Name:Macy Jingle
Birthday:May 28, 1998
Description:Macy has been acting for a while. Her relative works at Wikilodean, and recommended it to her, so she decided to try to be a part of it.
Face Claim:Ariel Winter
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