Layla and Lillian are identical twins starting their first year at a new school after moving to America from Canada. What the old school failed to communicate to their new school was that the pair were more trouble than they were worth. They have a face off with the popular entourage Katelyn, Katarina and Katherine (also known as the three Ks) on their first day. Will the two be able to slip under the radar of the teachers for the year or will the three Ks bring them to justice?

I've got no real preference on appearance or actor except for all the girls being 14-16. I'd love the twins to be played by the same actor. Lindsay Lohan did it!

Layla Carriedo - You could say that Layla is the dominant twin - often leading Lillian on like a horse and carrot - not that Lillian would chicken out anyway, but it's Layla's unique manner of getting her own way. With pranks being her twisted sense of fun - sometimes the pranks can be downright scary - she is a bit mad at heart with a crazy let lovable personality though she is very loud.

Lillian Carriedo - Lillian is slightly more reluctant and likes to read, but is always up for fun if Layla's involved, she always gets some form of reward. She always carries a film camera to film the pranks and sometimes gets the most embarrassing ones (especially the ones involving teachers) broadcast on the billboards. She's less of a fan of the scarier pranks and prefers your classic joker tricks.

Katelyn Honda - Katelyn is the leader of the entourage, seems to have an upside down view of her public view. 'Everybody Loves Me' is her mantra when 'Everybody Hates Me' is closer to the truth - most of the students are eager to help Layla and Lillian when she - or one of her posse - is the intended victim. She wears far too much make up and always carries a mirror, wearing extravagant dresses and refusing to do P.E.

Katarina West - Katarina is one of Katelyn's posse. She's not too bright and is still oblivious to the fact she's being used as a puppet for Katelyn's wishes. She'll fall for anything, and so she's probably the easiest to manipulate - especially with food or somebody doing her homework will earn her allegiance. It's not hard won.

Katherine Larsen - Katherine is a logical girl who is only part of the posse so that Katelyn can get good grades. She's probably one of the most wanted to prank so that she'll be out of school awhile and no longer be top of the class. She's sly and crafty, her allegiance is harder to win.