Hennay Valley, follows the life of five teens, Shauna Dela Rosa, Sean Deering, Rose Deering, Johnny Dawn, and Pete Jensen. The one thing they have in common is the fact they live in a lavish neighborhood called Hennay Valley. The story really follows Shauna, the daughter of the Dawns maid. She ends up getting enrolled in Jensen dynamic Academy, an exclusive private school, that all the teens attend . There lives all turn upside down, when she arrives. It really hits Shauna, when she finds out about her father, the head-master. There they go through struggles while living it up in California. There will be lies, secrets, betrayal, love, and tragedy, but together they make it through.

Character description

  • Shauna De la Rosa: Shauna is smart, sweet, and never wants to be in any kinds of drama (trouble). She also knows what its like not to get things. She is optimistic and loves to sing.
  • Johnny Dawn: Johnny is very slick, and a ladies man. He likes to have things go his way, and if they don't, he still gets it.
  • Sean Deering: Sean is mysterious yet very nice. He ends up having feelings for Shauna,. He also hates Johnny.
  •  Rose Deering: Rose is the stereotypical rich girl, she loves her brother, and she's very smart. She doesn't really like Shauna, but she eventually has no choice.
  • Pete Jensen: Thinks he's a ladies man, but isn't. His family founded his school. He is Sean's right hand man. He is very quirky.