Here you can let your celebrities interact with different people. Fellow Wikilodeon actors, non celebs, non wikilodeon members, interviewers, whoever! (But we reccommend fellow actors, and interviewers) If you are writing an issue of Lodeon Magazine, and need some celeb gossip, check and see if any of them are chatting in a public place. (You obviously can't use info from their phones) Make sure to let a user know if you started an interaction with them. 

Here is the layout:

If you are texting, here is how to do it. First, you must ask the other user what they have as their contact name. (Like, for instance, you would put mom for your mother, and your mother would put daughter or something like that)



Calling is basically the same thing, but you put //Calling// instead, and you can't say anything. If the user doesn't respond in a day, then you just leave a voicemail. If they pick up, then you can keep talking and label it //Speaking//.

For plain old talking, make sure you specify a location. (Home, store, wherever.)

You would do this. (We're thinking of using word bubbles.




So that's basically it! Remember, we don't need any explicit M rated stuff. And you don't have to participate in this, this is just a minor addition to the wiki.  :) Have fun! :D