Layla Dee


Layla Dee
Gender: Female
Face Claim: Dami Im
Agent: Sean Dean
Birthday: May 12, 1990 (24)
History: Layla and her sisters lives have not always been the greatest, moving from place to place. At the age of 17,Layla and her sister moved in with the Dee's, and now they're happy and love to dance & sing (the family embraced there love of music).
  • Brother: Aiden Dee (adoptive brother)
  • Father: Donald Dee (Adoptive Father)
  • Mother: Camilla Dee (adoptive mother)
  • Sister: Tara Dee (Real Sister)

This Contract States That Wikilodeon™, has Signed Layla Dee to either Lodeon Records, Lodeon Magazine ,or Wikilodeon! This Contract has been finalized by the Admins. The Holder of this contract agrees to follow the rules and Policies given, and Will try there hardest for Wikilodeon™.

Quote: Life is a picture - so capture the moment






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