Issue 1: Contents
Issue1 Cover

Contents: Pg. 1 - Wikilodeon Spokesperson Macy Jingle Talks Confidence

Pg. 2 - Fashion Statements for Cheap

Pg. 3 - The Latest, from one of thr Directors of Movies: Heather Blast

Pg. 4 - Casual and Cute Summer Hair

Pg.5 - New Music

Pg. 6 - Last Page

Wikilodeon Superstar!

Macy Jingle, Inspiration for Young Girls. Macy Jingle is a new actress to Lodeon. She is a bit of a feminist, and encourages young girls everywhere to accept and embrace how they are. When asked where she gets her confidence from, this is what she said. "Well, my mother and I are both pretty confident of ourselves. I've always had this confidence from my mother. Some of my friends are a bit insecure, and the things I told them also helps me out as well." There you have it, folks. Macy Jingle shares her confidence with others, and gains some in return. She is a kind young girl who is on the right path to her career. She says that she might be starting a music career, so stay tuned for that later on.

'Justin Fashions'

Justin Clothing is a very popular girls' clothing brand! They have the most adorable clothing! They have shorts, jeans, skirts, tanks, ect. The shirts are hilarious and have a lot of humor. If you need an outfit for anything, Justin has it! They have everything, dresses for a dinner, jogging pants for a run, shorts for your basketball practice, and even bathing suits for your swim meet! Come shop at Justin, and you won't regret it! (6/22/14) ~FashionGal

'Heather Talks The Latest Movies'

We sat down and asked some questions to one of the directors of movies, Heather. "Well, we've got a few ideas right now, but we are going at a steady pace. There is not much to say."

'A Great Summer Look'
Summer Look

This is a cute and cool summer hairstyle. It is very casual, yet chic. This is for longer haired girls, to cool them off a bit. It's a wonderful hairstyle for summer.

'New Music'

Lodeon Records is a new label, but it already has a few artists! We haven't gotten any news yet, but we'll snoop around a bit more.

'Thanks for reading

Thank you for reading this issue of Lodeon Magazine. Don't forget to subscribe to this magazine to be sent the next issue. Thank you!

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